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How to Sell the Value of Closet Upgrades
How to Sell the Value of Closet Upgrades
Boutique Inspired Closet Design
Boutique Inspired Closet Design
How To Do Online Design Consultations With Your Clients
How To Do Online Design Consultations With Your Clients

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5 Must Have Closet Design Tips

I've got some favorites and I'm sharing them with you to help you get the most from your closet space

Client Testimonials

The NKBA Central NY Chapter just had the pleasure of having Denise present at our monthly meeting. She was very well received. Her Closets Beyond Measure presentation was a huge hit.

I had the pleasure of seeing this presentation at KBIS prior to asking her to join us. The information she provided is a great asset to those not very comfortable with designing closets, She helps you see how easy it really can be to add on to a sale for anyone in the Kitchen and Bath Design Profession.

Her book How to Design a Walk in Closet is also a great tool. Though it will not give you plans for every closet scenario, it provides the basic tools you need. For those not well experienced in closet design it helps you walk into a space and clearly know where you will begin to place long hang, double hang shelves, drawers etc. The foundation to good closet design is within these pages saving you valuable time, so you can begin designing much faster and more efficiently.

I purchased this book some time ago, and now it is rarely in my office it bounces around from desk to desk in my office as the other designers here are finding that it is helping them as well.”


I have known of Denise for many years – she is a legend in the closet industry and leader when it comes to social media and marketing. Two years ago she introduced me to social media and taught me how to create my personal brand. Since we have become friends and she is always there if I need her. She is always donating her time to better the closet industry whether it’s speaking at the conference or creating Youtube videos that promote the latest and greatest. If you have designers that need training or you are just get started with social media I highly recommend calling Denise. Get to know more about Denise by reading her blog.”


I first met Denise at the Closet Expo in Austin, TX over 4 years ago. I attended one of her presentations and found her very inspiring!

Denise is generous and energetic, graciously sharing her vast closet industry experience, talent and tips on storage design and solutions. As a highly qualified industry leader and designer, her projects and portfolio are impressive, fascinating and well thought out. She has solved numerous design issues and teaches you how to do the same. Her advice is invaluable and always pouring out of her during classes and conversations. She is fun, funny and keeps you engaged.

I have been a Closet Designer for over 14 years and she is a gem to meet and listen to. She is accessible and available.

Denise is a great teacher, trainer with a fountain of design talent, and I always learn something new sitting in her audience. I highly recommend her Closet Design 101 class, participating in one of her webinars or attending one of her presentations.”

— NANCY LANGWAY, Senior Design Consultant, Expert Closets

I listened to Denise speak at a Expo a couple years ago and found her information very intriguing. We were getting ready to introduce custom closets to our already established custom cabinet business. There were many things to learn and hurdles to jump in order for us to manufacture and design closets for our clientele.

After Denise’s seminar, we started doing more research on the manufacturing and designing of custom closets and decided that Denise’s Closet’s 101 was a great place to start. Our company purchased the training module, which was money well spent! However, the most valuable thing we have is access to her vast knowledge of the industry. With Denise’s help, we are confidently rolling out closets to our clients like we have been doing it for years. We owe Denise a big thanks for being so accessible to us, and so willing to share her knowledge! Thanks a bunch, and I look forward to seeing you at another Expo!”

— SHELLEY WEHNER, Co-Owner, Cabinet Concepts By Design

After being in the Design industry for several years and attending an NKBA Ottawa Chapter presentation by Denise Butchko, I personally reached out to her in order to better under the Closet Design Industry.

I found Denise’s knowledge to be very informative, professional and on point, infused with a great sense of humour, making my decision to join the Closet Design industry a very easy one. Thank you Denise!”

— MARCIA PERROTTE, Kitchen and Bathroom Designer

Denise shares and mentors her in-depth expertise in design exceptionally well. Her personable approach and real life sales experience helped our company kick off our new closet product launch with a bang. Excellent work and common sense to boot.”

— PAUL LANTZ, Industrial &Construction Supplies Executive

I had been designing closets for about 10 months before I started Denise Butchko’s Closet Design Program. This training program is an organized method enabling me to become a better and more confident designer. I particularly loved her real-life exercises designed to prepare me for how to handle difficult design challenges in the field. I gained a great amount of confidence through learning from a structured, and practical program. Lastly, she made herself available if there was any need for clarification on any part of the design program. Denise is a tremendous asset to me.”

— SHEREE JONES, Designer, Symmetry Closets

As a business owner – it’s been relief to have Denise as a resource to my staff as a professional closet designer and trainer. Denise’s closet design program, and working with my staff, has allowed me to turn my attention to other things that my business requires. Denise touches in with me from time to time to make sure her program is effective, valuable, and well-suited to my business needs. Thank you, Denise.”

— BONNIE REICH, Owner, Symmetry Closets