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Posted by:Denise Butchko,

The NKBA Central NY Chapter just had the pleasure of having Denise present at our monthly meeting. She was very well received. Her Closets Beyond Measure presentation was a huge hit.

I had the pleasure of seeing this presentation at KBIS prior to asking her to join us. The information she provided is a great asset to those not very comfortable with designing closets, She helps you see how easy it really can be to add on to a sale for anyone in the Kitchen and Bath Design Profession.

Her book How to Design a Walk in Closet is also a great tool. Though it will not give you plans for every closet scenario, it provides the basic tools you need. For those not well experienced in closet design it helps you walk into a space and clearly know where you will begin to place long hang, double hang shelves, drawers etc. The foundation to good closet design is within these pages saving you valuable time, so you can begin designing much faster and more efficiently.

I purchased this book some time ago, and now it is rarely in my office it bounces around from desk to desk in my office as the other designers here are finding that it is helping them as well

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