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How to Sell the Value of Closet Upgrades
Posted by:Denise Butchko,

Whether you’re new to closet design or an experienced veteran, you’ll get some great takeaways from this session that include:

  • How your messaging impacts your upgrades
  • Timing – when do you sell the upgrades? During 1st visit? During showroom visit? All along the buyers journey with your messaging
  • Ways to determine what “value” means to the client and then deliver to them what they’ve indicated they value
  • Ways to address the “I’m getting three bids” scenario, including a live role play between myself (as the customer) and Mike Carson, president of Carson Closets, as the superstar sales person that he is!
  • How you “show” people why upgrades are worth an additional investment
  • We’re also going to cover “psychological” reasons people want to say “yes” that weave in the social fabric of the world we live in today with shows like “Modern Family” (Closets, Closets, Closets), Blackish and yes, the Kardashians (surely you’ve seen at least one of their closets even if you say you can’t stand them).

Click below to listen to this session RIGHT NOW because there’s nothing quite like immediate satisfaction.

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