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Do You Struggle With Creating Content?
Posted by:Denise Butchko,

If you struggle with what to write about when it comes to things like email marketing and blogs –  “I got you!”

Most people designing and selling things like cabinets and closets don’t wake up every morning with an itch to write their next great piece of content.

Yet in order to succeed in today’s business environment, you’ve gotta do it now. Let me repeat that even louder – YOU’VE GOTTA DO IT NOW.

And you can get it done in a crappy way – an average way – or a professional, effective way.

A way that will shift people’s perception of you and move them along your sales funnel, ever closer to becoming customers.

A way that’s much more effective than just tossing out words strung together masquerading as a sentence. You know, just throw some stuff in the blender and call it a smoothie. Toss in some repetitive keyword phrases (aka –  protein) for good measure and wala – you now bench press 2X your bodyweight and are selling more projects than you’ve ever imagined.

It doesn’t work that way.

Other options:

  1. You can add it to the job description of an admin position.
  2. You can hire an agency to do your website AND write your content (because they have such an in depth knowledge of the industry) or
  3. You can team up with me!

Once a month, I’ll send you a written piece of content (specific to the closet industry) that you can use any way you want to – email marketing piece, blog post, social media. Add your own images and you’re on your way.

The scheduled topics ( giving some specific tips and suggestions for designing and organizing each of these spaces geared specifically to benefit your clients) include:

-Master Closets

-Kid’s Closets

-Guest Closets

-Home Office





Included in this monthly subscription is a “live” monthly coaching call. Bring your marketing questions to the table and I’ll answer them.

Check it out here:


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