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Closet Design 101
Closet Design 101

I’m Denise Butchko, award winning designer and closet industry expert, and I’ll be your coach through Closet Design 101.

I bring over fifteen years of hands-on closet design experience to the table, along with being on the panel of judges for the closet industries “Top Shelf” design awards. I’m the author of the books “How To Design a Walk In Closet” and “The Consumer Guide to Closet Design”, blog for The Woodworking Network and The Wood IQ and am a member of the first graduating class of Registered Storage Designers through the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals. I’m also an active member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and a part of their top rated speakers at “Design and Construction Week”. As a result, I was invited to participate in their pilot speaker education program where I travel to different chapters and present closet design programs.

Closet Design 101 is the premiere training for people who want to learn how to design and sell closets.

So if you want to go beyond just putting double hang, long hang and shelving into a space and calling it a custom closet, here’s your chance.

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How To Do Online Design Consultations With Your Clients
How To Do Online Design Consultations With Your Clients

The tools I use to do Design Consultations on line that save me tie and increase my closing rates. I’ll show you how to easily use them too!

If you’re working in interior design, cabinet making, kitchen and bath design or closet design, you know how much time is involved in the design process.

You also know how much time and energy it took to learn the skills you’ve acquired and the creativity and energy you put in to creating the custom design solutions you’ve come up with.

And I’m betting you’ve done some design work and then had it “shopped”, with people using the designs you shared with them to get their project completed without hiring you to complete their project.


I want to encourage you to start taking steps to towards ways to make more money in less time and have happier clients and a happier you!

Watch this session right now to gain the edge in making your life easier and more profitable.

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Boutique Inspired Closet Design
Boutique Inspired Closet Design

Discover tips and gain insights on best practices for high end closet design.

The percentage of people wanting to do high end, boutique closet design is increasing.

As people realize and acknowledge the value of storage space in their homes, many, particularly women, are allocating space to “dream closets” much like men have been allocating man space in the garage and the basement.

Not only will this session show you examples of rooms that were turned into dream closets, I’ll share some integral tools leading up to the design and execution of such detailed and intensely personal spaces.

I’m going to show you:

  • The Advanced Assessment – this goes beyond shoe count and long hanging. I’ll share the wide array of info I gather that’s required for an effective design solution for both you and your client at this advanced level.
  • How to match “flow” and “function” with space parameters. This goes beyond putting in a “closet system” and into design aesthetics.
  • It’s not about the money. Only IT IS about the money. I’ll share ways to discuss budgeting for such big, fancy closet spaces.
    This hour long session is filled with insights I’ve gained over the long journey of designing high end closets. You’ll takeaway some solid tips to save you time and money and get closer to the sale of a high end closet.

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How to Sell the Value of Closet Upgrades
How to Sell the Value of Closet Upgrades

Whether you’re new to closet design or an experienced veteran, you’ll get some great takeaways from this session that include:

  • How your messaging impacts your upgrades
  • Timing – when do you sell the upgrades? During 1st visit? During showroom visit? All along the buyers journey with your messaging
  • Ways to determine what “value” means to the client and then deliver to them what they’ve indicated they value
  • Ways to address the “I’m getting three bids” scenario, including a live role play between myself (as the customer) and Mike Carson, president of Carson Closets, as the superstar sales person that he is!
  • How you “show” people why upgrades are worth an additional investment
  • We’re also going to cover “psychological” reasons people want to say “yes” that weave in the social fabric of the world we live in today with shows like “Modern Family” (Closets, Closets, Closets), Blackish and yes, the Kardashians (surely you’ve seen at least one of their closets even if you say you can’t stand them).

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Digital Closet Design Consultation
Digital Closet Design Consultation

Do you have some closet space that you’re not sure what to do with?
Have you always dreamed of having your “dream” closet but aren’t sure where to get started?

Perhaps you’re “itching” to re-do your closet but get confused about the space planning and accessibility. You want to make sure things function properly with your closet design.
You’re a designer working with clients and closets are on the list of things they want help with.
Except you don’t really feel comfortable with the closet design.

I can help you!

We can work together – you, me and technology – to make terrific closet design happen for you no matter where the closet (and you) lives.

If you’re interested in discussing the specifics of your project(s) then this is the option for you.
You’ll send me the dimensions of your closet and a list of the items you need to store in the space.
I’ll create a design for your space and then we’ll do an online meeting so we can go through the design together.
You’ll receive a pdf of the designs to use any way you want (build yourself or get estimates for someone local to build for you).
This consultation is for one large master closet with one set of revisions.

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