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Jennifer Aniston Adds Drive In Closet

Drive In Closet – You want fries with that????? Probably not if you’re Jennifer Aniston, who recently filed documents with the Los Angeles Building and Safety Department to convert her garage into a closet. I’m

Design Trends at the Milan Show

It’s not often that I sit through a presentation without taking notes and thinking about how I can share the highlights with people. I have journalist genes in my jeans. But I was so inspired

1 minute of Video = 1.8 Million Words

So it really does seem like a picture paints even more than a thousand words. And that stat, which comes from Forrester Research, gives me pause. It would take me much longer to write that

3 Things I Learned About Closets While Working in a Millwork Shop

I embarked upon a closet design career in a very haphazardly specific way. I was working as an image consultant when I moved to Chicago and figured out there was real opportunity in actually designing

Closet Design Trends

Three Trends From Closet Expo 2015 If you enjoy good design even half as much as I do, then you would have gotten some great inspiration from the little show that could (formally known as

What’s Ashton Kutcher Got To Do With Your Marketing?

Ashton Kutcher just gave his “home” in Iowa (where his parents live and where he was raised) a makeover using the “Houzz” app. In his words he used Houzz to “build something new”. And he

My Best Closet Design Advice For Closet Designers #1

This post is part of a series about my favorite closet design tips. White melamine walk in closet 1 – USE YOUR BODY Use your body and blue tape. Honestly, these are my two favorite

My Best Closet Design Advice For Closet Designers #2

In my eternal quest to share valuable information and package it into bite size pieces, here’s the second of a series of my most valuable, time tested advice on things to do to make your

My Best Closet Design Advice For Closet Designers #3

OWN YOUR “NO” IF YOU “KNOW” IT WON’T WORK I realize that sounds counter intuitive to a sales process, so here’s what I mean and how you can use this particular “no” as a way

Big Design Ideas for Small Spaces

For as long as this “tiny living” movement stays on trend, you need to be on your game to get the most out of the space your clients ask you to work within. Tiny nooks