Work With Me

One of the most fun, interactive ways to work with me is to bring me into your showroom or company for a LIVE workshop or presentation. And if you happen to be in a Design/Build niche’, even better.

I’m a part of the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) Chapter Program, traveling across the United States and Canada teaching both Closet Design and Effective Social Media Strategies.

Chapters I’ve had the pleasure of working with include:

  • Chicago Midwest
  • Wisconsin
  • Nebraska/Kansas
  • Maine
  • Ann Arbor
  • Ottawa
  • Tennessee Nashville and Memphis
  • Puget Sound
  • New Mexico
  • Kentucky Kentuckiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Baltimore/Washington
  • Vancouver
  • Central New York
  • Eastern Carolinas
  • Southern New England
  • Minnesota
  • GA/SC Coastal
  • West Michigan

The Most Popular Topics Include:

  • Beyond The Selfie – Using Pictures and Video to Leverage Your Brand
  • Top Strategies for Effective Social Media
  • Boutique Inspired Closet Design
  • Closet Design Beyond Measure
  • How to Sell the Value of Closet Upgrades


Recent participants have shared the following:

“I went back to my store and designed a 17k closet and hope to sell it today. Thanks for the class.”

“This was the best NKBA session I attended. I learned the most and her style of teaching was most effective.”

“Extremely informative. The very next day I was meeting with a client about a master bath and felt I could discuss the closet more knowledgeably.”

“The facilitator was one of the best I’ve heard. She was engaging and didn’t just read from a PowerPoint. She applied real life experiences to her topic.”

“I don’t typically sell closets with kitchen design and this was a fantastic training to educate me on this and show designers how to use our product to design and sell closets.”

Here are some additional ways that you can work with me:


Your About Page

Your “About” Page is the most clicked on page on your website.

How are you telling your story?

How are you conveying how you help people via who you are and what you do?

My experience is that people find this to be the most challenging thing to write. Face it, it’s hard to talk about ourselves, let alone do it in a way that quickly conveys who we are in a way that helps connects with the reader.

Telling this story – your story – is one of my specialties. And it’s one of my favorite things to do.

We’ll work through a painless process where you’ll share with me whatever info you’ve already got. It can be your Linked In profile, an old resume, some BIO info on your website. Whatever. I’ll review that and your website.

Next we’ll do a “Go To Meeting” where I’ll ask you all kinds of questions (all of which you’ll be able to easily answer) and we’ll record the session.

Then I’ll create a draft of a document “About” you, your business and how you’ll help people.

You’ll make any edits/suggestions/changes. If we need to, we’ll meet again online (because it’s much easier and less time consuming to talk these things through than to email back and forth).

I’ll make final edits and you’ll be ready to roll with a wonderful document you can use not only on your website, but all of your online profiles.



Sales/Landing Page Content

Writing a great landing page that brings people into the top of your sales funnel (on their buyer’s journey) is important to be able to reach and help more people.

It’s also important to help you with the conversion process further down in your sales funnel.

Defining your objective and the “pain point” of your prospect are part of this process. What problem are you solving for your customer?

That’s the story we have to tell.

Whether it’s getting people to opt-in to your email marketing lists, attend one of your events/webinars or prompt people to purchase your product, Landing Page copy is key to effective results.

We can work together to compile the information needed for a Landing Page that covers all the bases. Then I’ll write the copy for the page and send you the written copy for you to use in creating your page. We’ll go through up to  2 edit processes if needed.

If you need help with creating something effective, reach out to me and we’ll talk through what you need and how I can help.



How Am I Doing?

Chances are you’ve got a website and a Facebook Page and a Linked In Profile. Maybe even Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz profiles. And you post some things every now and again. You like some of the content that scrolls through your feed as you watch Shark Tank stories about people “killing it” on social media.

How’s that working for you?

Sure, watching Shark Tank is a nice way to relax (or get inspired) on a Friday night. But are your profiles and digital presence helping you grow your brand and your business?

That’s what this consultation will reveal and clarify for you.

Want to know how you’re doing with your digital marketing? That’s very smart of you! And I can help by reviewing your website and up to 5 of the social media platforms that you’re active on.  I’ll also ask you to email some of your email marketing pieces and we’ll review those to see how you can make improvements there.

You’ll tell me which social media platforms to review and I’ll do an assessment. Then we’ll schedule an online meeting to go over the assessment and I’ll show you my recommendations for improvement. This in one of the best investments you can ever make!

You’ll send me your info. I’ll do an evaluation and make solid recommendations for improvement so you can start seeing more ROI and less confusion.