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Jennifer Aniston Adds Drive In Closet
Posted by:Denise Butchko,

Drive In Closet – You want fries with that?????

Probably not if you’re Jennifer Aniston, who recently filed documents with the Los Angeles Building and Safety Department to convert her garage into a closet.

I’m not so sure you’ll be able to drive in anymore, that would be a silly thing from both a fashion perspective as well as a space perspective. But it sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Aniston is reportedly investing $60,000 in the project. That’s about 12 times what the average walk in closet costs, so I’m thinking she should spend a little more :-)Let’s do a real dream closet here and amp it up to the six figure mark.

It also seems to me that there will be a lot of construction work involved in preparing the space for the closet structure. Because hey, no matter how cool stained concrete is, I wouldn’t recommend it for the flooring of your dream, boutique style walk in closets. Face it, even in sunny California, your tootsies would get cold.

Documenting the process would be a hoot. Seeing the transformation from the Henry Ford automobiles to the Tom Ford couture garments. Watching the Italian leather referenced so often in luxury cars now be directed towards Gucci shoes.

CelebTV talks about Jennifer Aniston converting her garage to a closet.

CelebTV talks about Jennifer Aniston converting her garage to a closet.

Ahhhhhh………it’s a good life. Call me Jen. I can design you a better closet than anyone else out there.

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