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Posted by:Denise Butchko,

Three Trends From Closet Expo 2015

If you enjoy good design even half as much as I do, then you would have gotten some great inspiration from the little show that could (formally known as The Closet and Home Organization Conference and Expo).

It’s an intimate show that allows you to get up close and personal with the people who exhibit their latest and greatest for this targeted audience.

Here’s what I see as trending:

1. Lighting Everywhere – Including Inside Jewelry Drawers
Love this concept not only because it help you see things clearly, but it’s motion sensored so when you close the drawer, the light goes off. This concept also works really well for Universal Design purposes as it allows you to see the contrast between, say, your blue sock and your black sock. This one is brought to you by the fine folks at Richelieu.

Here’s a quick video demo to help illustrate the concept:

2. Return of Rose Gold

I liked this color years ago when my mom was obsessed with it in jewelry. It wasn’t your standard gold or silver. And I must say I like seeing it again. I have a penchant for copper, and rose gold comes close to a copper look. Sidelines was showing it in some prototype pieces and I hope they move forward. It looks great against dark browns.

Glide and Slide – Softly and Silently

Soft close or self close anything is more than trending. It’s claimed a permanent position in the market. The less we have to work at things, the more we like it. And we like the idea of never having to remind anyone (be it teenager or husband) to “close that drawer” again even more. We want anything that we CAN get to work for us to do so. Just a touch and it’s all back in place. It’s nearly giving you the gift of time.

Glideware has an interesting concept with this that can be used in the kitchen AND in the closet. Pretty cool, right?

And if you’d like more tips relating to closet design, check them out here:

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